About us

Ça roule pour moi is creating experiences that change youths' lives... one pedal stroke at a time!

Ça roule pour moi is a nonprofit organization who creates opportunities for the youths to learn and develop leadership skills, self confidence and nature preservation through our bike trips.

In addition to being an active conveyance, the bike trips allow the youths to go beyond themselves. They allow them to develop leadership skills and self confidence while meeting youths from other backgrounds. The youths come out grown up from these trips and they start to believe in themselves and in the future. They realize that they can accomplish great things! Ça roule pour moi has associated with Two Wheel View, a nonprofit organization that has existed for 15 years in Alberta. This organization has the same values as Ça roule pour moi.


Rick and Tanya McFerrin founded Two Wheel View  in 2000, after a two year-trip biking all around the world. Their experience and perspective of the world in this bike trip became the basics of Two Wheel ViewRead more here about their amazing trip. In 2015, the family of Two Wheel View has grown and this is when Ça roule pour moi came to life, the french chapter of this organization.

Cycling becomes a tool to show our future leaders the beauty or our environment, as much on our planet as in our neighborhoods.

Ça roule pour moi believes that all youths should have the opportunity to open their physical and cultural boundaries. A lot of youths do not have the chance to do what could be the greatest learning of all - the experience of a lifetime - while travelling.

Our customers :

Ça roule pour moi is offering the chance to youths of 13-17 years old from all around Quebec, whether from poor neighborhoods or not, remote areas or not, to go ride their bikes outside the city. Leave their city and their families to see that everything's possible. A trip with CRPM is an opportunity to create relationships, to learn more about themselves, to go beyond what they are capable of and increase their self confidence to come back with strength at work or at school.

Our program :

Based on the fact that trips are authentic and are a good representation of the reality of a traveler, the program offered during the trip allows the youths to develop :

  • planning skills

  • trip management

  • resourcefulness by facing the unexpected (mechanical glitches, heatwaves, changes of itinerary, etc.)

  • learn how to make a grocery list and make complete and nutritious meals

  • listen to others' needs and express his while showing mutual help and empathy and respect the group

  • and, of course, the physical and mental abilities to do it all on a bike!

« Le sport est dépassement de soi. Le sport est école de vie. »
Aimé Jacquet, sélectionneur français champion du monde en 1998

Our mission

Give the opportunities to all youths to discover and live our bike trips by giving them the equipment and the guides they need for a good trip


Our values

- Community spirit

- Resilience

- Respect of others and environment

- Authenticity

We need your help!

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