Trip Montréal-Québec

Initiation trip to bicycle tourism for youths of 13-17 years old.

Starting from Montréal, the group will go to Québec, where it will make cultural and communal stops through the Chemin du Roy

Example of a day-to-day itinerary :

Day 1

- Starting from Montréal to Lavaltrie (50 km) through the green road along the Fleuve St-Laurent

Camping stop

Day 2

- From Lavaltrie to Trois-Rivières (80 km) by passing on the Chemin du Roy through the cities of Berthier, Yamachiche and Louiseville to discover the beauty of Lac St-Pierre.

Rustic camping stop at Trois-Rivières West

Day 3 

- From Trois-Rivières to Batiscan (50 km). Tour of Trois-Rivières and stop at Batiscan for a tour of an old presbytery.

Camping on a beautiful ground near the river.

Day 4

- From Batiscan to Grondines (45 km). Communal stop at the gardens of La Chevrotière, where a couple hours of work are asked to the youths to help on the farm.

Day 5

- From Grondines to Ste-Catherine de la Jacques Cartier. The road goes north through the bike path at Pont-Rouge. Beautiful path in the forest that runs along the river.

Camping stop at Ste-Catherine.

Day 6

- From Ste-Catherine to Québec (30 km). The bike path of Jacques Cartier allows a safe and amazing entrance in Québec. Tour of Québec and walk in the Vieux-Québec.

- Return to Montréal in a bus

The trip takes place with a ratio of 3 guides for 10 youths. The price includes the bike, all the gear, the food and the conveyance. Contact us for a personalized submission!