Loop in the Eastern townships

Initiation trip to bike touring for youths of 13-17 years old.

Leaving the city of Montréal, the group will firstly discover the crossing of Pont Jacques-Cartier and then exit the city and cross the Montérégie across suburbs, campaigns and fields. The famous Route verte allows a safe and progressive environment so the youth feels comfortable on the bike. Reasonable distances are offered and give some physical challenges.

Example of a day-to-day itinerary : 

Day 1

- Starting from Montréal to St-Jean sur Richelieu (50 km) through the green road and the canal of Chambly

Stop at the Auberge Harris

Day 2

- From St-Jean sur Richelieu to Parc de la Yamaska (60 km). This itinerary allows us to travel the Montérégiade to Granby. This bike path allows to be far from the cars and gives a direct contact with nature.

Camping at Parc de la Yamaska

Day 3

- From Parc de la Yamaska to Bolton (50 km). A challenge of hills to get to Bolton, through campaigns, with a beautiful view of Orford.

Day 4

- From Bolton to Bromont (45 km).

From Bolton to Bromont, passing by Waterloo and taking the bike path La Campagnarde.

Stop at the Centre national de cyclisme at Bromont or camping.

Day 5

- From Bromont to Rougemont through the Route des champs (50 km). Bike path in gravel.


Day 6

- From Rougemont to Montréal (60 km)

Return to Montréal passing by Chambly and St-Hubert. Detour by the island of Parc Jean Drapeau.

- Possible options ($$) : Stay at Jouvence, 2 nights and one day of rest for activities in nature.

- Loop of 5 days only if you stop at Rougemont and come back in bus.

The trip takes place with a ratio of 3 guides for 10 youths. The price includes the bike, all the gear, the food and the conveyance. Contact us for a submission!